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Engagement Party

  • An engagement party (Sagan, Roka) is like the mini celebration before the big celebration. The engaged couple announces that they plan to get married, while guests get to honor the commitment. It also builds excitement for the future wedding.
  • There is no exact formula for what constitutes an engagement party; some are small get-togethers and others are huge events in the style of a wedding reception. Regardless of how you plan your engagement party, it is nice to host it in a nice location.
  • Whether you want to hold a huge bash and invite everyone you know, or maintain a level of intimacy with only your closest friends and family, Mirage Banquet Halls have facilities to meet your needs.
  • Mirage Lounge

  • Instead of a huge engagement party, consider having a formal get together at the Mirage VIP Lounge. This small area of our facility is perfect for an intimate get-together of your most cherished friends and family. The Mirage VIP Lounge will feel much more close and private. It can accommodate up to 300 people.
  • Whichever way you go with your engagement party, treat you and your spouse to a spectacular event that you will both treasure.