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  • Marriage is such a noble venture and we like to honor those couples that make their marriages last for long periods. Anniversary celebrations are the perfect way to show appreciation for your spouse, parents, or grandparents and everything the lengthy union has achieved.
  • Anniversary celebrations are fine for any marriage length, whether it be 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, or even just a shorter 5 year anniversary. Regardless, the fact that a husband and wife could stay in love for so many years after their wedding is testament of a solid relationship.
  • Mirage Lounge

  • The Mirage Lounge is the perfect location for anniversary celebrations! Located on our main property, this venue is smaller than our banquet halls party space, creating the ideal atmosphere for an intimate get-together.
  • When your parents hit the big wedding anniversaries, like 40, 50, and maybe even 75, an excellent gift is to plan the anniversary celebration for them. This relieves the stress of making arrangements and honors them for all the work they put into raising you and your siblings. The only contributions they will have to make is providing a guest list and showing up.
  • To make matters easier, the Mirage staff can help you plan the event, including decorating the VIP Lounge, providing recommendations for a DJ, photographer, and florist. The VIP Lounge will be the perfect setting for a momentous, intimate occasion.